Why is a three-and-one-half year time span spoken of in a number of passages in the apocalyptic books of Daniel and Revelation? Twice in Daniel and five times in the book of Revelation this time period is specifically mentioned.
This period is repeated with such frequency because it is  earth's most consequential and significant moment since Jesus Christ's first coming. Indeed...
This period
  In 2006 God started prodding me. He wanted me to do a writing on the 3 1/2 years prophecies, but I resisted..."But
God I'm not a writer". Although I had a great passion for end-time prophecy I complained,"I can't do it. It's impossible. It's too daunting of a task". Finally I gave in saying,"OK God, if you want me to do it you will have to do it through me because I know that I can't do it". Two years later, with His favor and help the book, "The 3 1/2 Years Prophecies" was finished and put into print.
oThe book will take you though a crash course on end-time Bible prophecy. The 3 1/2 years passages; along with all the other supporting passages: Daniel 8 and the 2300 days; the 70 weeks and its final 7 years that brings to consummation that which is decreed; and the book of Revelation--as its pieces are pieced together, you will get a view of the whole sum. A picture of the last days concealed in the Book of books, God's Word.ooooooooo



Subject: end time Bible prophecy
  Author: David Dickinson (Ld)
  First published in 2008

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